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Convert VHS To Digital Service; Why You Need A Professional

If today you still have some beautiful videos stored on ageing VHS tapes then you have probably heard that they can be converted into digital format. With the advancement of technology, it has become increasingly difficult for you to watch your favourite videos on VHS tapes. A professional convert VHS to digital service will help solve this problem by converting the VHS tapes to a digital format which will grant you the freedom to be able to have access to the data anytime using modern devices.

It is important to note that converting VHS tapes to a digital format is not an easy task especially when they are many of them. Below are more reasons why it is important for you to use a professional convert VHS to digital service to get the job done.


         1. Convenience

A professional convert VHS to digital service will often allow you to mail your tapes and wait for the data to return in the desired digital format back in the mail. Also, you will probably not want to spend all your weekend trying to convert it yourself, in that case, leave it to the experts. They know how to do the conversion, and they will do it within a relatively short period of time.


       2. Cost

It might sound a little bit strange but you might end up spending more money if you decide to do it yourself. Consider buying the equipment and software needed for the conversion and using it once or twice. You will spend less money and save time if you hand it to a professional.


       3. Accountability

If you are trying to convert your VHS tapes into a digital format, then chances are the videos on them are quite precious. You don’t want to lose videos of your graduation or wedding because you were trying to do the transfer yourself. VHS tapes are quite fragile, making it easy for an inexperienced person to accidentally erase data or damage the tape. It is true that some professionals might be able to salvage the tapes, but you will have to pay more, so why not hire an expert from the start?

A1D has been helping individuals and companies to transfer videos to digital files for a long time. We have the experience needed to meet up your specific requirements. Contact us if you need a professional convert VHS to digital service.

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