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We Are Your One Stop Vinyl Pressing Plant!

We are a leading vinyl pressing company. We help record companies of all sizes, businesses of all kinds and independent artists, by pressing vinyl, CDs and DVDs.

Vinyl Pressing, Vinyl Pressing London

We can create marketable products that stand alone in quality, presentation and function – at the most affordable prices. Our vinyl specialists provide a complete “idea to product” service, including audiophile virgin vinyl record pressings in many different sizes, colours, styles and weights. We also provide full colour print and packaging, graphic design, audio mastering, pre-press, digital audio downloads and more.

Vinyl Pressing in London

We use the DMM mastering technique for all vinyl products, along with a NEUMANN cutting lathe. We also use a top-quality prism sound converter, and a specially developed computer application to provide a control and modulation signal.

Before manufacturing your product, we analyse your audio in great detail to ensure that it is suitable for vinyl pressing. If any issue is found, we highlight and address it before producing and cutting your metalwork. With the largest number of wax colours and packaging ideas, we offer a unique product that will be cherished by customers for decades to come.

Some of the playing times that we recommend include:

10” Medium Player – 13m37s @ 33rpm or 10m05s @ 45rpm
12” Long Player – 19m20s @ 33rpm or 14m20s @ 45rpm
7” Short Player – 6m50s @ 33rpm or 5s00s @ 45rpm

Vinyl specialists at our plant can provide the standard black vinyl or a range of wax colours as well as effects. You can choose from a range of 14 standard solid or translucent colours.

We have a large range of sleeves and packaging options for you to choose from – including standard card sleeves, printing on the reverse of the board (for a textured effect), printing on premium heavyweight board – or even just plastic sleeves and printed inserts.

Call us now on 020 8748 0440 to speak to our vinyl specialists to see exactly what we can do for you!

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