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We Transfer Audio Tape to Digital Formats For Our Clients

Whether you’re a government entity with archives of recordings – or an individual with a collection of precious family members’ tapes, we have expertise when it comes to restoration, audio tape transfer and digital migration.

Mastering & Re-Mastering Services

We specialize in transferring your audio tapes to digital formats, from standard audio cassettes to the latest digital media formats, at very affordable prices.

Audio cassettes and CDs do not last forever. If your audio tape is transferred to digital format – it not only lasts for longer – but also becomes easy to archive to your computers’ hard disc drive, jump drive, CD/DVD or other digital storage device. With our CD mastering suite, we can handle a wide range of data for our clients, producing a master disc that any CD replication or duplication facility will accept.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can master the following: Audio CD, data CD, hybrid Mac/PC CD, mix mode CD (audio and data), CD Extra, Video CD, Mac CD, data DVD, Video DVD 5, 9, and 10.

We can also create master discs from tape formats like Digi-Beta, 8mm, Mini DV, VHS-C or any other source with customizable chapters and menus. We are also experts in transferring cassettes to CD – and all types of audio tapes (cassettes, DAT, reel-to-reel tape) to CD. All of our remastering services undergo a quality test to ensure that they meet the standard benchmark.

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