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Preserve precious moments: convert VHS to DVD at A1D

The age of VHS is over, and yet most of our most treasured memories are stored video cassettes that can be found in every household. With working VCR players becoming a vintage rarity, most people lose hope to ever relive their happy moments again – but they should not lose hope so quick! At A1D we can easily convert VHS to DVD.

At A1D we are jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to converting visual media. We don’t limit ourselves with a masterful convert of VHS to DVD, but also offer the same efficient service for formats such as S-VHS, VHS-C, SVHC-C and many others. Conversion has never been easier!

Did you know that VHS tapes are bound to get affected by time? Sometimes, they end up infected with a mold that eats the tape (and your precious memories documented on it), and this damage cannot be undone nor the material can be recovered. The only option of securing the video is converting VHS to DVD with us at A1D.

We work fast and precise using archive quality technologies to give your filmed memories a new boost of power. Convert your VHS to DVD today and relive the joyous moments of the past in a better quality and more vivid colours, securing them for many more years to come!

Convert VHS to DVD at A1D

At A1D we put heart and soul into what we do, which is our guarantee of a top notch service at all the times. We have a team of highly strained specialists, the newest technology and nearly two decades of experience – a powerful combination that will deliver you ultimate satisfactory.  At A1D we will give our all to secure your treasured memories forever.

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