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Why Vinyl Pressing In The UK Is On The Rise

Music purists and all music lovers, in general, have a reason to celebrate because sales of vinyl records have been on the rise for some years now. The highest recorded numbers were in 2016 with a 52 per cent rise according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). This has also led to the increase in the demand for vinyl pressing in the UK. It is now quite common to find big supermarkets who are extending the amount of space which they have to accommodate the discs.

What is behind this change? Why are vinyl records so popular? It is interesting to observe the rise in popularity of vinyl pressing in the UK especially in this digital era. An era in which you can download a vast selection of songs online or, even better, stream from online sites. According to experts in the music industry, vinyl remains so popular mainly due to the high quality of sounds it delivers. Vinyl records are seen as a pure and authentic way of purchasing music, which provides a richer and clearer sound when compared to what is released on the Internet. Besides the amazing sound quality which vinyl records provide, a lot of users agree that they create a connection which is missing in digital files. It is that feeling you experience when you put a record on a record table and drop the needle.


        Vinyl Pressing at A1D

A1D has been at the forefront of vinyl pressing in the UK for a long time, and so we have experience offering quality services to all our customers. We cater to both large and smaller vinyl orders. Our services are efficient, fast and affordable.
Let A1D make your record as special as your music, get in touch with us and speak to our vinyl pressing experts for more information.

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