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Vinyl Revival: Vinyl Pressing at A1D

Throw out those pesky iPods and CDs – listen to music how it’s meant to be heard with vinyl records! Here at A1D, we provide vinyl pressing services to make records of any and all of your favourite albums.

Vinyl records are the one form of music recording that has stood the test of time. Musicians today are still producing albums on records. Our services for vinyl pressing are unmatched – you provide the tunes and we’ll handle the rest. We provide services like the pressing, graphic design, colour prints, packaging and more. As a leading vinyl pressing company, we will provide you top notch services at affordable prices.

Throw it all the way back with a classic vinyl record. Capitalize on the resurgence in the vinyl record industry. People want to listen to music on records, despite the digital age of web players and iPhones. It gives them more than the song, but a listening experience that cannot be replicated across digital media. Records have a history that more contemporary listening means do not have. Vinyl records are unique, just like your music. Let our vinyl specialists help you curate that experience for your listeners through our vinyl record pressing services. Give the people what they want. Break out your turntables and join the vintage trend. Let our vinyl pressing services help you create a record that can last a lifetime.


      Vinyl Pressing at A1D

We can make you a record as unique as your music. Customise your vinyl with our wide range of colours – go with a classic black or branch out with our 14 standard or translucent colours.  We want to make this product something unique that will be cherished by customers for decades to come. Allow us to help you take your idea to product –  including audiophile virgin vinyl record pressings, digital audio downloads, audio mastering, and more.

Get in touch to speak to our vinyl pressing specialists to see exactly what we can do for you!

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