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Cheap CD Duplication Services: Promote Your Music In 2019

We are living in the streaming era and we are also in the middle of a vinyl revival. This has led to a good number of people believing that CDs are a thing of the past and that they are already considered alongside other forgotten musical technologies like tape cassettes and Walkman players. With the emergence of numerous digital music services such as Spotify and Apple Music, some artists have even chosen not to produce CDs at all. But are we really ready to press eject on CDs for good? CDs are still an important technology for the production and distribution of music and there is lots of evidence backing this information. Let’s find out why it will be useful for you to enjoy our cheap CD duplication services at A1D to promote your music.


         1. They generate revenue

We can’t ignore the fact that the emergence of streaming platforms have affected the sales of CDs. But is also important not to ignore that there are still a lot of CD fans out there, which reflect on the huge amount of revenue they pull in. CDs still have a massive effect on the music industry and ignoring this can be a huge mistake.


         2. Some audiences still like them

Even though a lot of people chose to stream music because they can access so many genres at a time, there are still many audiences who prefer playing a physical CD. For some people, buying a physical CD creates a better connection to the artist and the music than streaming. So, one way to please your fans will be to produce more CDs and what better way to achieve this than making use of our cheap CD duplication services.


         3. Better sound quality

CDs are known to offer better sound quality compared to digital MP3 and, therefore, better experience when listening to music. In order to fit onto MP3 files, digital streaming needs to compress material which causes it to lose some data, and in the end, produces a lower quality sound.

CDs still occupy and an important place in many people’s music collections. Let us help you promote your business through our high quality but cheap CD duplication services. Contact us for more information.

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