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CD Replication Services in London

At A1D London Ltd we are focused on providing the highest standard of CD Replication. With over 27 years of experience in this industry supplying professional Replicated CDs which can be Screen Printed or Litho Printed at very competitive prices along with excellent lead times.

CD Replication is ideal with runs of 500 Units and above. We can supply Replicated Audio CDs or CD-ROMs in Bulk or with standard packaging to bespoke packaging.

For CD Replication, a Glass Master is produced which in turn allows a stamper to be made. The stamper is then used to create an exact replica of the master copy with all the CDs pressed being of Retail Quality Standard.


      Best CD Replication Services in London – A1D

We can accept masters either on a Physical Disc or a DDP Image. The DDP Image has become the preferred format these days that is widely used by our clients for CD Replication. If you wish to move forward and need any help with your Audio or Artwork, we are happy to help with our CD Mastering and Artwork services.

Read our clients’ testimonials or get in touch to learn more about CD, DVD & Bluray duplication and replication services at A1D!

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